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AnaGenesis exists to help person find a future and start a new life in Greece and Europe.  Those who have been assisted assist others.  Projects build up the less fortunate so that they regain hope. Each individual is a valuable seed that if given a chance with the right conditions, he/she will become a beautiful life.

Volunteers are the main workforce of AnaGenesis.  Teams and individuals work together the association's program and other organizations. Housing and opportunities are plentiful.  Since the beginning of the crisis, steady flow of volunteers have worked endless hours sharing compassion and caring. Join the team!!!

90% of each gift benefits the needy.  AnaGenesis team is all volunteers and overhead costs are low.  Needs are the main priority and helping individuals.  The work depends on contributions only without outside funding.  Please give generously. Thank you.

Our approach is different

AnaGenesis values each person equally and works with each one individually and personally. If the families, single mothers, and young men are helped, encouraged and assisted to be self sufficient and adjusted to Greece and Europe, they will help others.  Physically, the UN and Greek government provides for the major needs of shelter, food and health.  Emotionally, a little personal attention of someone outside of their suffering and struggle makes a huge difference in the ability to deal with adjustments and to endure the endless waiting.  

AnaGenesis center opens it's doors for activities, socializing, personal beauty care for women, dental treatment, glasses, crafts and games for the children.  Classes for languages, and training for jobs helps give the newcomers to Greece the skills to cope. Staff and translators are friendly and treat everyone like family.  Practical assistance exists for learning and "working" the Greek system.  


New life begins with a positive attitude.


an Impact

one Life

at a Time

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