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AnaGenesis began when the association’s founding members were heavily involved in the Kosovo War relief in Albanian, FYRoMacedonia, Serbia and mainly Kosovo from 1999 to 2002.  The work included emergency care of widow families in the Krushe Made village and development work with kids programs, English language, Sweet corn project, and Woodshop enterprise.  This initial experience inspired the legalization of a Greek NGO and Humanitarian Association.
After it’s foundation in 2003, the first project was a Bulgarian Shoe Project that trained locals in Gotse Delchev, Bulgarian to produce shoes with Greek machinery and expertise.
In 2004, the main project was the housing of volunteers and distribution operation of 100,000 bottles of water during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Since then, the association has maintained smaller projects and distributions in orphanages and elderly homes in Bulgaria and established a Bulgarian independent branch of Anagenesis based in Petrich, BG
In Thessaloniki, assistance for the migrants, asylum seekers, and the poor has been maintained until 2015 when the Syrian refugee work began.
From the summer of 2015 Anagenesis has been present at Idomeni with a steady supply of volunteers assisting in distributions, personal care, and kids programs.
From April until December of 2016, a drop in center was operated in the assembly hall of Anagenesis where refugees could shower, receive clothes, wash clothes, participate in English class, enjoy kid’s programs, receive eye and dental care, and have refreshments.

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