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A Social Coop Enterprise company based in Thessaloniki that supports vulnerable people groups. It gives basic job training and skill development to refugees, immigrants, abused and neglected with a simple income. MIA was birthed out of AnaGenisis and seeks to produce Greek products, employ members of the community, and empower women.  Now a separate legal entity, miatribe.org now receives orders for their unique products and welcomes donations.

Jason's Place


Housing Short-term teams, and fellow travelers that seek to serve in Thessaloniki, this hostel makes possible for volunteers to quickly and easily get plugged in and contribute to AnaGenesis and other organizations.  The central location makes public transportation accessible and is ideal for networking the multiple on going activities around Thessaloniki

Common housing


Assistance living has been provided to a few number of refugees from various nations.  If funding was available, the concept would to create a complex of various refugees and immigrants living in community maintaining the structure, ensuring safety, cleaning, and learning how to live together in a diverse Greek European community.

Farming 101


Agricultural programs that support refugee families though education and employment are a future dream of AnaGenesis.  Potential programs and untaped produce possibilities make Greece a creative setting for this development program to benefit many participants. 

Work teams


Assessing the skills and work experience of the new long term asylum seekers and immigrants, various work groups are organized to practice and learn potential employment fields in construction, tourism, hospitality, home care, agriculture, and other options.  Both giving participants constructive activity and some compensation, it is very positive for those who are inexperienced in the Greek work environment




Immigrants need a place to socialize and experience community.  Families and women are disconnected.  The Refugee Community center makes it possible to learn the latest news about their situation, meet others, learn language, integrate with volunteers, break the boredom, and build their lives together.








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